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About Cooking School


Designed for the home chef, Kitchen Window’s Cooking School offers a variety of cooking classes on everything from the basics to gourmet. Some of our series include: Fundamentals of Cooking, Global Cuisine, Grilling & Outdoor Entertaining, and Special Events. There is truly something for everyone.

The goal of the program is to go beyond just teaching a recipe. We strive to teach you about the tools, skills and techniques involved in the cooking process so that the knowledge learned can be applied to cooking as a whole. Once you master the techniques, you can use your creativity to confidently develop your own dishes.

Our program prides itself on our knowledgeable staff. All instructors are trained professionals who have a passion for food and cooking. They combine their practical experience with techniques and present them in a useful and easy to understand format. The staff’s goal is to make you comfortable and confident in the kitchen whether you’re a beginning cook or a seasoned food enthusiast.

For more information about Kitchen Window’s Cooking School view our current Class Schedule online here, e-mail us at info@kitchenwindow.com or contact Kitchen Window at 612-824-4417 or Toll-Free at 1-888-824-4417.


Kitchen Window accepts the following payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Kitchen Window Gift Card, or Kitchen Window Class Voucher.

All class registrations are to be completed online.

  1. Browse the available classes. When you’ve chosen a desired class, click “Add to Cart”.
  2. Select “View Cart”.
  3. Verify the quantity of spots you want to purchase.
  4. If you are paying with a gift card, enter your gift card number in the Promo/Gift card box and click “Enter Promo Code”.
  5. Under shipping, select “Local Pick Up”. (No item will be shipped to you once you’ve completed your purchase.)
  6. Select “Proceed to Check”.
  7. Enter your customer billing information.
  8. If you have a class voucher number, enter the details under the “Ship to a Different Address?” section. You’ll enter the number in the box. (Notes: no item will be shipped to you once you’ve completed your purchase.)
  9. Under the “Your Order” section, verify your order details.
  10. Enter your payment information and place the order.
  11. You will receive a confirmation e-mail after your order is placed.

Note: The order will be sent to our e-commerce team and processed manually. If you are paying for a class with a gift card or voucher, your credit card will only be charged for any remaining balance that the vouchers/or gift card don’t cover.

Please contact our Customer Service team with further questions 612.824.4417 (extension 403).


All cooking classes are NON-REFUNDABLE, much like a sporting event or theater ticket. Be sure to mark the dates on your calendar. If you are unable to attend a class, you may send someone in your place or contact us to see if we have a waiting list. If we have a waiting list, we will TRY to sell your space for you. We do NOT guarantee that we will be able to sell your space. If your space is sold, you will receive a store credit good towards the purchase of future classes.

Cooking School Cancelled Classes
Classes with insufficient enrollment will be cancelled 7 days prior to the class date. In these instances, registered students will be notified by e-mail or phone and will receive the choice of a full refund or transfer into another class (of the same value).

If we cancel a class due to inclement weather, you will be notified as soon as that decision is made and a full refund will be issued. If we hold a class, there will be no refunds due to the weather. We reserve the right to cancel or modify classes and menus.


As much as possible we start classes on time. Please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the listed class start time to check-in, grab a beverage and wash your hands.

Food portions – For CLASSES that list food items in the description, food portions will be provided. In many of our classes the total food portions are the equivalent of a generous meal or more. SEMINAR food portions (not all seminars have food) are tasting sized portions. For food handling reasons we cannot allow food to be taken home. In our participation classes the food needs to be prepared by the students; this means you may not be eating until halfway through class, so please plan ahead.

Dietary restrictions – Due to group participation in our public classes, we are not able to make adjustments for individuals in most cases. In our party-style participation, guests make their own portion and can often choose to omit items they do not want. If you have a food allergy, please inform customer service ahead of the class date and inform the instructor the day of the class. If you have any questions or concerns about the food provided during a specific class, contact customer service to discuss.

What to wear – In our hands-on classes, we recommend dressing in comfortable clothing and shoes. For safety, we recommend close-toed shoes and keeping jewelry and accessories to a minimum. An apron will be provided in our participation classes to help protect your clothing. For outdoor/grilling classes, please check the weather ahead of time and dress accordingly.

Recipes and information packets are emailed to guests after the class. If you would like a hard copy in class, you may inform the instructor during class. Working recipes are provided during classes for group work activities.

A selection of excellent wines, local craft beers, and craft sodas are available at most cooking classes. Alcoholic beverages are only served to persons of legal drinking age. Bringing alcohol to class is prohibited.


Demonstration classes allow you to sit back and relax while you listen to and learn from the instructor. The chef/Instructor will prepare your meal or samples in a demonstration-style class.

Participation classes provide you with hands-on experience. You will be preparing all courses in small groups in a participation-style class.

Party-Style Participation classes offer a selection of small plate items where guests receive instruction and then get to prepare their own portion of each menu item.

Seminars are informative demonstrations and skill education on specific cookware, espresso machines, outdoor grills, or cutlery. A seminar-style class will be shorter in length. Only seminars that list food items will have food tastings.


Becoming a Culinary Assistant (CA) is a great way to both learn and save on cooking classes. Culinary Assistants arrive 1 hour before class to help the instructor set up, complete any necessary food preparation and assist with the set-up of the classroom. As a team, the assistants continue to help throughout the class and take care of clean-up at the end.

Culinary Assistants receive free tuition on the classes they assist with and earn a free class, to attend as a guest, for every four classes they facilitate. Culinary Assistants should have knowledge of basic food preparation and service.

Attend one of our monthly orientations to learn more about our program and to tour our operations. Orientations are held at the Cooking School & Event Center on the 2nd level of Calhoun Square directly above Kitchen Window’s retail store. Orientations are generally about 45 minutes long. For more information about the next orientation, please contact us at customerservice@kitchenwindow.com or call 612-824-4417 (extension 403).

Culinary Assistant Duties
Set up the classroom
Assist Chefs/Instructors before, during and after class (includes: food preparation, plating/presentation, and service)
Greet and check-in guests
Serve as liaison between the chef and guests during class instruction, ensuring an optimum learning experience
Help with cleaning up the kitchen space after each class

Request an Application
See below for an electronic PDF copy. You can download the file by clicking on the “Download PDF” button at the button of the page. Or, stop by Kitchen Window during regular business hours and request an application. You can also request an application via email at events@kitchenwindow.com.

Store Hours:
Monday thru Sunday 10am – 5pm CT

Submit Applications
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